Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Customer Letter : Kukri Machete

Customer Letter:
Cold Steel Kukri Machete

"I used my new CS Kukri Machete today and chopped through 5 4-6 inch trees like this one as well as plenty of smaller branches and limbs. The Kukri chopped like a champ!"

Robert J.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A letter from Vladimir Vasiliev : Russian Special Operations Unit, Systema Headquarters chief instructor

To Lynn Thompson and staff of Cold Steel

On behalf of myself and my renowned Russian colleagues Colonel Mikhail Ryabko and Major Konstantin Komarov, I would like to express our most sincere appreciation for the products of Cold Steel.

The Quality and the variety of the blades are exceptional. Lynn Thompson clearly has a profound understanding of the edged weapons and combat applications. Each knife just fits into the hand, solid and balanced. Talented design and superb quality manufacturing, Lynn's weapons are ideal for practical application, as collectors' items and as training tools.

Most recommended to all who use and value weapons!

Vladimir Vasiliev
Russian Special Operations Unit,
Systema Headquarters chief instructor

Thursday, October 7, 2010

G4 TV : Attack of the Show

Weston Scott of G4 TV - Attack of the Show at the 2010 Cold Steel Challenge:

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Fuel TV network spots featuring Lynn Thompson and Cold Steel

Fuel TV

Owner and president of Cold Steel Knives featured on Fuel TV weilding the Two Handed Great Sword. All about Fuel TV, meat skateboards, meat bicycles, swords, and hot broads.

This is how we roll:

Friday, October 1, 2010

Fully loaded 2011 Chevy Camaro SS for Robert Vaughn

Robert Vaughn was presented with a brand new fully loaded 2011 Chevy Camaro SS, in recognition of his 20 years of dedication to Cold Steel, as a manager and product design specialist.
  • Lynn Thompson : Master at Arms
  • Lynn Thompson : Master at Arms
  • Lynn Thompson : Master at Arms
  • Lynn Thompson : Master at Arms
  • Lynn Thompson : Master at Arms
  • Lynn Thompson : Master at Arms
  • Lynn Thompson : Master at Arms
  • Lynn Thompson : Master at Arms
  • Lynn Thompson : Master at Arms
  • Lynn Thompson : Master at Arms
  • Lynn Thompson : Master at Arms
  • Lynn Thompson : Master at Arms
  • Lynn Thompson : Master at Arms
  • Lynn Thompson : Master at Arms
  • Lynn Thompson : Master at Arms
  • Lynn Thompson : Master at Arms
  • Lynn Thompson : Master at Arms
  • Lynn Thompson : Master at Arms
  • Lynn Thompson : Master at Arms
  • Lynn Thompson : Master at Arms
  • Lynn Thompson : Master at Arms

Monday, September 27, 2010

Cold Steel Challenge 2010

Cold Steel Challenge 2010

Cold Steel, Inc. of Ventura, California is known around the world as the leader in hard-use knives and tools for outdoor, utility, military, law enforcement, and martial arts.

On September 25th, 2010, Cold Steel hosted its 6th Annual COLD STEEL CHALLENGE international weapons fighting competition. It is a celebration of the warrior lifestyle. It's a place where our friends and customers can get together to fight in a controlled, respectful, and friendly environment.

This year's event was a rousing success. Competitors came in from as far away as Belgium, Hungary, and England, as well as from all over the United States. One of the international competitors, Andy Smith from Great Britain, participated in the event as the final chapter of a documentary film, "Is It 'Cos I'm Fat?" chronicling his nine month journey from "couch potato" to competing in the ring with some of the best martial artists in the world. Andy participated in all four fighting events.

G4 Television Network was also in attendance. Host Weston Scott not only visited the event, but also participated in the knife and stick fighting divisions. An extensive segment was filmed for the very popular "Attack of the Show" program for future broadcast on G4.... More

Monday, August 2, 2010

This is a knife...

This is a knife : AK-47
Dear Cold Steel, Hi my name is Tom.
I have a Cold Steel folder story.
A couple weeks ago the wife and kids were out of town, so I decided to call a friend for dinner.
After dinner we decided to shoot some billiards.
My friend recommended a small bar around the corner.
We arrived and there was a couple at the bar and a couple by the pool table.
We ordered a beer and got some quarters for the game.
The bartender quietly warned us that the man by the pool table was very territorial of his wife.
No problem.
We played a couple games and the guy worked his way into our game. After several more games the "wife" started talking dirty and the man began to get agitated and amped-up.
The man pulled a small pocket knife and started around the table towards my friend. I reached in my pocket and perfect pulled my Cold Steel AK-47 folder.
"SNAP!!" As advertised, in a split second, the blade caught on the pocket and opened till the lock snapped.
The man turned towards me and I said, "This is a knife!" He collapsed his knife, put it in his pocket and said, "Mama you need to settle down."
My buddy and I left at least $4.00 in quarters on the table.
My buddy called my cell as we drove away and said, "Thanks, Mick Dundee."
Stark reminder of why I spend my time with my family and why I always carry my Cold Steel AK-47!
Sincerely, Thank you for making reliable knives.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Why you should carry a Cold Steel Folder in your pocket

Cold Steel Spartan
Dear cold steel,
Hi my name is Winston.
I am a firefighter/EMT in Leicester,NC.
Last Monday (05/31/10) I was traveling home from Garden City, SC from
I was on I-20 when I witnessed a ford truck lose control in the west bound lane and flip on its side.
It was down off the interstate in the woods.
There were personal belongings from the vehicle strode every where.
It was a very serious accident.
I turned around in the median and drove down into the woods where the vehicle was. When I approached the truck I saw a very serious hazard for the people still trapped inside.
The truck was teeter-tottering back and forth on the soft, sandy ground. there
was a 26 year old female, her 22 year old brother, his 2 year old
daughter, and the brothers 22 year old girl friend...all were still
trapped inside the vehicle.
Ttraveling with me was a friend who is also a firefighter in Leicester. I had him run back to my truck and get my "bug-out bag".
Inside I keep medical supplies, trauma dressings, bp cuff, stethoscope...ECT.
These people had to get out quick!!
This truck had a back glass that was one piece.
It was the safest place for me to stand and try to rescue these people.
The only thing I had with me was my Cold Steel Spartan ( I don’t go anywhere without it).
I pulled it out of my pocket and with it was able to pry at the frame of the back glass enough to brake it loose.
Once it was off I was able to pull all occupants out of the vehicle.
The driver was seriously injured and was airlifted to a trauma center, the brother was also injured (he is a marine that just returned from Iraq) and was listed in critical condition last time I checked.
The other two just had some scratches.
It took fire rescue almost 15 minutes to get on scene.
These 15 minutes would have proven to be the death of the driver… and possibly the brother in the passenger seat.
I just wanted to thank you for producing a quality product that held up to the task..
It made me feel much better about my purchase and will never buy any other product than Cold Steel...

Thank you for what you do!


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Cold Steel vs Wild Boars

Ti-liteBoar Hunter
Folks didn't have scales to weigh it. Had to use winches, ramps and 4 wheel drive to get it out. 350+ lbs hog caught by 5 dogs(3 bays & 2 catch), killed by 2 old guys with Cold Steel knives. 6 inch Ti-Lite and the Boar Hunter.

These are without a doubt the best knives that money can buy.

When u are hunting wild hogs one never knows if the hog that the dogs caught in the "crawl in" thicket is 150 or 350 pounds. frequently too close for firearms and cant fire anyway with dogs locked in life or death battle.

Savannah River Swamp
South of August, Georgia

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Jason Heck : Competing in the United States Fencing Associations

Jason Heck : Cold Steel Knives
Jason Heck has been training in Rapier, Small Sword, Saber, and Civilian Saber with Cold Steel President, Lynn C Thompson for approximately six years. Lynn has learned a lot training with Jason and thinks he is a very talented fencer.

Recently, Jason has qualified to compete in the United States Fencing Association's (www.usfencing.org) National Championships. He is in Fencing Division 3, Senior Men's Fencing. If you are in the Atlanta area or will be there soon be sure and see him compete on July 9th at 12:00PM at the Georgia World Congress Center, Hall b5. The Georgia World Congress Center is located in the heart of downtown Atlanta. Visit the web site for more detailed directions on how to get there www.gwcc.com.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Cold Steel .625 Big Bore Blowgun

Cold Steel Big Bore Blowgun
Photos by Tim Wells : Hunting with a Blowgun in Africa
Cold Steel Blowgun
Cold Steel Blowgun
Cold Steel Blowgun

Monday, June 14, 2010

Why You Should Carry Inferno

Inferno Pepper Spray

Nearing the end of my lunch break I was leaving my house to return to work.
My cat, being an indoor cat, attempted to escape.
As I ran to the front yard to catch him, dropping my purse to the ground while picking him up where I ran into my sister-n-law on her way in. We were talking for a brief moment when my neighbor’s German Shepard came out of nowhere running towards me.
I threw the cat to my sister-n-law who threw him to the front door.

The dog viciously latched onto my left upper thigh and began thrashing his head back and forth.
My sister-n-law began to scream. Due to her high pitched screaming the dog then jumped at her, clenching his powerful jaws down on her face. I quickly reached into my purse, grabbing my house keys that held my Cold Steel Keyring Inferno Pepper Spray unit.

As I turned around I threw my foot up, kicking the hindquarter of the dog.
He let go of my sister-n-laws face as his body swung towards me and began to lunge at me.
I held the pepper spray tight in my hands and pressing firmly on the trigger, releasing a blast of pepper spray in the dogs face.
Immediately the dog dropped to the ground and vigorously rubbed his face all over the front yard whimpering.

After a visit to the Emergency Room I came home with four staples in my leg, my sister-n-law has two stitches at the bottom of her cheek and one at her eyebrow.
As we arrived at the front door we realized that Animal Control was confiscating the dog.
It appears that this was the fourth attack on humans in less than a year.
Even though I feel a little remorse towards the dog for both the pain it must have felt with the pepper spray in the face and the fact that he is going to be euthanized, I feel very lucky that I was smart enough to carry a Cold Steel Keyring Inferno Pepper Spray unit in my purse that may very well have save our lives.

Tracy, CA

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Cold Steel Sjambok : Customer Letter

Cold Steel Sjambok vs Rattlesnake

Dear Sirs,

I am a Custodian at an elementary school in North County, San Diego California. Being situated where we are (next to an open space preserve) we often have problems with various kinds of rattlesnakes.

I have had to kill rattlesnakes with everything from table legs to trash cans, and always thought, "there's got to be a better way."

A couple years ago, I heard about Cold Steel Sjamboks. I ordered a couple (one for home, one for work), and I am glad to say that they are devastatingly effective. So far this year alone, I have killed 5 snakes, the last one, a 5-foot red diamond-back that was rather agitated.

Cold Steel 42" Sjamboks have proven to be a highly effective snake killer. A single blow to the head is all that's required, and allows me to do it at a safe distance.

Matthew R.
Custodian, Canyon View Elementary School
San Diego CA

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

2010 NRA Show Drawing Winners

San Mai III Laredo Bowie

Jerry B. - FL
Jody H. - NC
Mark R. - MD


Dear Cold Steel,

I would like to say thanks for making a awesome knife (Spartan)!!! I have always liked the big belly design but had no idea it worked this good! I am a Kill floor meat inspector by trade so I use knives to bleed, skin, debone,etc for 10 hours a day 5 days a week. I feel like a good judge of a knife. This knife is purely defensive for me, but I could not design a better knife!! The handle edges are a little sharp but i sanded them down. It simply is the best grip I have ever felt. You have a customer for life!!


Gary Day

Friday, May 7, 2010

Inferno Pepper Spray

I have heard about and read about your Inferno O.C. product.
I am a less-lethal force Instructor-Trainer and test dummy.
I have the attitude I won't believe it until I try it.
I have been sprayed with nearly every product out there.
Defense Tec, Saber, Fox, Vexor, Punch you name it, I have had it.
I have been sprayed at least 100+ times.
I have had OC, CN, CS at the same time.
Recently some of my co-workers purchased some Inferno. I said if they
buy it I will try it.

Well I tried it yesterday.
This stuff is amazing.
It was nearly an instant burn and blindness.
I have never experience anything quite like it.
I did not feel the sneezing effects like I was hoping for.
I did however feel like I could not breath (I could). The pain and burning was
Most O.C. I can work through and still continue with a specific task whether it be handcuffing a subject, taking a subject to the
ground etc... not with Inferno.
It is hard to describe how it felt because I have never felt something so intense so fast.
Even after I was able to open my eyes my vision was blurred.
The foam that liquefies when it contacts skin is amazing.
The volume and accuracy of the product in each spray is also amazing.
A short burst and my entire face and neck was covered.
This is the only product that I would say Incapacitated me.
By far the best OC product that I have seen.
Good job. This stuff is great.

Non-Lethal Use of Force Instructor-Trainer
Correctional Facility Shift Supervisor
Springfield, VT

Friday, April 9, 2010

Cold Steel SRK

Cold Steel SRK
hello my name is Rick Veerman and I live in Holland.
I bought your SRK knife recently, I was helping to build a paintball field and made a fire-bin with the help of an oil drum and Cold Steel SRK and like the performance of the knife and took a picture out of it.

Thanks for the good quality.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Cold Steel Inferno Pepper Spray

"Hello my name is Elias Santos, and I bought some products of yours last summer.

I bought the Pocket Shark, and two cans of Inferno Pepper Spray. I am emailing you to personally thank you, because I was attacked not too long ago, and the Inferno did wonders.

Sure, some of it hit my face, but the attacker, took it very well in the eye, and had to go to the hospital.

Thank you again, and keep up the good work. If it were not for the Inferno, I might be seriously injured."

-Elias Santos

Friday, February 26, 2010

Customer Letter from Australia

I used my new tanto for the first time today,  Went pig shooting out of a
helicopter this morning.  I had dispose of a couple of wounded pigs before
we strung them up from under the chopper.  Wow... I have never had
a knife that worked so well.  It was like cutting through soft butter.
Killed and Butchered three pigs. After I cleaned the blade it still could
shave the hair on my arm. I have never had a knife that held its edge so

Very Impressed.

Paul Phillips

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Cold Steel SRK

My name is Mike Abraham I work with a rural volunteer fire department as well as being a contractor and SCUBA instructor. I purchased my SRK at a gun show I attended in Winnipeg back in 1991 and have carried that knife with me on every camping trip, military excercise, dive and fire call. I've skinned animals cut down trees and done more than I can possibly remember. Last week I responded to an accident that had a man pinned under an ATV strapped to a trailer. They had slid into a ditch and were attempting to pull the trailer out with straps and a tractor the trailer slid off and rolled pinning him in the snow to the bottom of the ditch. Our Commercial strap cutters would not cut the ratchet straps he had because they are steel lined and lockable to prevent theft. 4 strokes with my SRK had the ATV freed and very soon him as well.I owe you guys big as does the gentleman we rescued. The saddest part of the whole night is that none of us can find my knife we went so far as to rent a metal detector and search the ditch. it as a small price to pay to save a life. SRK is one of the most aptly named knives I've ever owned and replace my "B___ M_____".

Keep up the good work

Mike Abraham

MTP Contracting

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Cold Steel Finn Bear at work

...I have a few pictures for you of your knives at work these I took while in the rainforest of SE Cameroon. The pictures are of both Bongo and Dwarf Forest Buffalo...

Once again, thanks for a great product.


Wayne Hendry

  Tanzania Game Tracker Safaris

  Wengert Windrose Safaris

  Ker & Downey Tanzania

Finn Bear

Finn Bear

Finn Bear

Finn Bear

Finn Bear

Finn Bear

Finn Bear

Finn Bear

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Customer Letter : Bruce Evans - Camp Morehead Afghanistan

Customer Letter

Customer Letter

Dear Lynn Thompson

I am currently working as an instructor/mentor in the Afghan Commando Training Program. In the attached photo you will see myself, my interpretor, and my students the day before they graduate.

As a retired US Special Forces soldier I believe that all warriors should carry a knife that their life can depend on if needed. When it came time to decide what to give my Commandos as a graduation present the choice was easy. My students kept trying to talk me out of my COLD STEEL GI TANTO so I ordered one for each of my guys. I had our local tailor shop make a sheath with the Commado Patch and each man's name and rank for parades and display. They are now the envy of every other Commando on the camp.

These Commandos will be leaving shortly after graduation to take the fight to that Taliban and any other insurgents that threaten the freedom of their country. Thanks for making a knife that I can give these soldiers that they can depend on when the need arises.


Bruce Evans

Camp Morehead Afghanistan

Cold Steel Sponsor of Friedkin Conservation Fund (FCF) Anti-Poaching

"...Many thanks again to Cold Steel for your annual contribution of edged weapons and for supporting FCF anti-poaching efforts. Our rangers are constantly impressed by the quality of your equipment and appreciate your generosity....

FCF Anti-poaching Staff and Management

Arusha, TZ

January 2010

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Cold Steel OSS (Fixed Blade) Saves a Life

WARNING: Contents of the this video may be too graphic for some viewers.

Joe Viljoen from Brave Heart Safaris is attacked by a Cape Buffalo and Zen Viljone comes to his rescue using a Cold Steel OSS knife.

Use of this Video is exclusive to Cold Steel, Inc.

Reproduction, distribution, or exhibition of this copyrighted video is prohibited.

Copyright © 2009 Brave Heart Safaris.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Jared Allen (NFL Minnesota Vikings) Spears an Elk

Jared Allen from NFL Minnesota Vikings spears an Elk using a Cold Steel Samburu Spear.