Friday, February 26, 2010

Customer Letter from Australia

I used my new tanto for the first time today,  Went pig shooting out of a
helicopter this morning.  I had dispose of a couple of wounded pigs before
we strung them up from under the chopper.  Wow... I have never had
a knife that worked so well.  It was like cutting through soft butter.
Killed and Butchered three pigs. After I cleaned the blade it still could
shave the hair on my arm. I have never had a knife that held its edge so

Very Impressed.

Paul Phillips

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Cold Steel SRK

My name is Mike Abraham I work with a rural volunteer fire department as well as being a contractor and SCUBA instructor. I purchased my SRK at a gun show I attended in Winnipeg back in 1991 and have carried that knife with me on every camping trip, military excercise, dive and fire call. I've skinned animals cut down trees and done more than I can possibly remember. Last week I responded to an accident that had a man pinned under an ATV strapped to a trailer. They had slid into a ditch and were attempting to pull the trailer out with straps and a tractor the trailer slid off and rolled pinning him in the snow to the bottom of the ditch. Our Commercial strap cutters would not cut the ratchet straps he had because they are steel lined and lockable to prevent theft. 4 strokes with my SRK had the ATV freed and very soon him as well.I owe you guys big as does the gentleman we rescued. The saddest part of the whole night is that none of us can find my knife we went so far as to rent a metal detector and search the ditch. it as a small price to pay to save a life. SRK is one of the most aptly named knives I've ever owned and replace my "B___ M_____".

Keep up the good work

Mike Abraham

MTP Contracting

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Cold Steel Finn Bear at work

...I have a few pictures for you of your knives at work these I took while in the rainforest of SE Cameroon. The pictures are of both Bongo and Dwarf Forest Buffalo...

Once again, thanks for a great product.


Wayne Hendry

  Tanzania Game Tracker Safaris

  Wengert Windrose Safaris

  Ker & Downey Tanzania

Finn Bear

Finn Bear

Finn Bear

Finn Bear

Finn Bear

Finn Bear

Finn Bear

Finn Bear

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Customer Letter : Bruce Evans - Camp Morehead Afghanistan

Customer Letter

Customer Letter

Dear Lynn Thompson

I am currently working as an instructor/mentor in the Afghan Commando Training Program. In the attached photo you will see myself, my interpretor, and my students the day before they graduate.

As a retired US Special Forces soldier I believe that all warriors should carry a knife that their life can depend on if needed. When it came time to decide what to give my Commandos as a graduation present the choice was easy. My students kept trying to talk me out of my COLD STEEL GI TANTO so I ordered one for each of my guys. I had our local tailor shop make a sheath with the Commado Patch and each man's name and rank for parades and display. They are now the envy of every other Commando on the camp.

These Commandos will be leaving shortly after graduation to take the fight to that Taliban and any other insurgents that threaten the freedom of their country. Thanks for making a knife that I can give these soldiers that they can depend on when the need arises.


Bruce Evans

Camp Morehead Afghanistan

Cold Steel Sponsor of Friedkin Conservation Fund (FCF) Anti-Poaching

"...Many thanks again to Cold Steel for your annual contribution of edged weapons and for supporting FCF anti-poaching efforts. Our rangers are constantly impressed by the quality of your equipment and appreciate your generosity....

FCF Anti-poaching Staff and Management

Arusha, TZ

January 2010