Monday, June 14, 2010

Why You Should Carry Inferno

Inferno Pepper Spray

Nearing the end of my lunch break I was leaving my house to return to work.
My cat, being an indoor cat, attempted to escape.
As I ran to the front yard to catch him, dropping my purse to the ground while picking him up where I ran into my sister-n-law on her way in. We were talking for a brief moment when my neighbor’s German Shepard came out of nowhere running towards me.
I threw the cat to my sister-n-law who threw him to the front door.

The dog viciously latched onto my left upper thigh and began thrashing his head back and forth.
My sister-n-law began to scream. Due to her high pitched screaming the dog then jumped at her, clenching his powerful jaws down on her face. I quickly reached into my purse, grabbing my house keys that held my Cold Steel Keyring Inferno Pepper Spray unit.

As I turned around I threw my foot up, kicking the hindquarter of the dog.
He let go of my sister-n-laws face as his body swung towards me and began to lunge at me.
I held the pepper spray tight in my hands and pressing firmly on the trigger, releasing a blast of pepper spray in the dogs face.
Immediately the dog dropped to the ground and vigorously rubbed his face all over the front yard whimpering.

After a visit to the Emergency Room I came home with four staples in my leg, my sister-n-law has two stitches at the bottom of her cheek and one at her eyebrow.
As we arrived at the front door we realized that Animal Control was confiscating the dog.
It appears that this was the fourth attack on humans in less than a year.
Even though I feel a little remorse towards the dog for both the pain it must have felt with the pepper spray in the face and the fact that he is going to be euthanized, I feel very lucky that I was smart enough to carry a Cold Steel Keyring Inferno Pepper Spray unit in my purse that may very well have save our lives.

Tracy, CA


  1. Sweet fancy moses, glad to hear you're alright. I've always had a vague fear of being mauled by some vicious dog....I shall strongly consider picking up some pepper spray after reading of your experience. Your bravery is to be strongly commended.

  2. Guns and knives are fine--but there are a lot of people who can't afford them, won't (or can't) carry them and can't imagine using them. On the other hand, a can of Inferno is affordable, easy to carry and won't give you nightmares to use. I carrying it daily and like having something more effective than my teeth or a sharp word against a 100 pound German Shepard.

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