Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Why you should carry a Cold Steel Folder in your pocket

Cold Steel Spartan
Dear cold steel,
Hi my name is Winston.
I am a firefighter/EMT in Leicester,NC.
Last Monday (05/31/10) I was traveling home from Garden City, SC from
I was on I-20 when I witnessed a ford truck lose control in the west bound lane and flip on its side.
It was down off the interstate in the woods.
There were personal belongings from the vehicle strode every where.
It was a very serious accident.
I turned around in the median and drove down into the woods where the vehicle was. When I approached the truck I saw a very serious hazard for the people still trapped inside.
The truck was teeter-tottering back and forth on the soft, sandy ground. there
was a 26 year old female, her 22 year old brother, his 2 year old
daughter, and the brothers 22 year old girl friend...all were still
trapped inside the vehicle.
Ttraveling with me was a friend who is also a firefighter in Leicester. I had him run back to my truck and get my "bug-out bag".
Inside I keep medical supplies, trauma dressings, bp cuff, stethoscope...ECT.
These people had to get out quick!!
This truck had a back glass that was one piece.
It was the safest place for me to stand and try to rescue these people.
The only thing I had with me was my Cold Steel Spartan ( I don’t go anywhere without it).
I pulled it out of my pocket and with it was able to pry at the frame of the back glass enough to brake it loose.
Once it was off I was able to pull all occupants out of the vehicle.
The driver was seriously injured and was airlifted to a trauma center, the brother was also injured (he is a marine that just returned from Iraq) and was listed in critical condition last time I checked.
The other two just had some scratches.
It took fire rescue almost 15 minutes to get on scene.
These 15 minutes would have proven to be the death of the driver… and possibly the brother in the passenger seat.
I just wanted to thank you for producing a quality product that held up to the task..
It made me feel much better about my purchase and will never buy any other product than Cold Steel...

Thank you for what you do!



  1. Thank you very much for this post. People are sceptical when I tell them about Cold Steel and the quality of their products. They say, yeah sure, mine is as good as yours. No way, you can not beat Cold Steel.

    As a wielder of the Sparten myself, I can attest to its outstanding qualities.


  2. My Spartan is my EDC blade. I haven't run into any trouble where I needed it, but I know that it will perform when called upon. I must echo a thank you to Cold Steel for producing quality products and I look forward to buying more.

  3. I had to use my T-Lite IV to fend off a street man demanding me to empty my pockets. Hostility stopped when he saw it. It saved me from robbery. Thanks!!!

  4. I'm right there with Mitchell. A knife-wielding hoodlum demmanded my money. All he got from me was a cold smile and a rapidly-deploying CS Spartan. He decided that flight was his only option.

    Now I go nowhere at all, even out to the mailbox, without the Spartan riding in my pocket, ready for any eventuality.

    God bless Cold Steel - the insurance without monthly payments!

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