Monday, August 2, 2010

This is a knife...

This is a knife : AK-47
Dear Cold Steel, Hi my name is Tom.
I have a Cold Steel folder story.
A couple weeks ago the wife and kids were out of town, so I decided to call a friend for dinner.
After dinner we decided to shoot some billiards.
My friend recommended a small bar around the corner.
We arrived and there was a couple at the bar and a couple by the pool table.
We ordered a beer and got some quarters for the game.
The bartender quietly warned us that the man by the pool table was very territorial of his wife.
No problem.
We played a couple games and the guy worked his way into our game. After several more games the "wife" started talking dirty and the man began to get agitated and amped-up.
The man pulled a small pocket knife and started around the table towards my friend. I reached in my pocket and perfect pulled my Cold Steel AK-47 folder.
"SNAP!!" As advertised, in a split second, the blade caught on the pocket and opened till the lock snapped.
The man turned towards me and I said, "This is a knife!" He collapsed his knife, put it in his pocket and said, "Mama you need to settle down."
My buddy and I left at least $4.00 in quarters on the table.
My buddy called my cell as we drove away and said, "Thanks, Mick Dundee."
Stark reminder of why I spend my time with my family and why I always carry my Cold Steel AK-47!
Sincerely, Thank you for making reliable knives.


  1. I currently reside in Australia, it is currently illegal to even have a knife on your person (even if it's not for defensive measures) and you will receive on the spot fines of $1000, police are now been equip pith scanners that can detect metal objects. This is insane!

  2. Madman,
    It's time to get active in politics and change those backwards laws, or get active in moving out.

    Here in Missouri, my Recon I isn't even considered a knife, legally, because the blade is 4". Anything 4" or less is not a knife. Just something we country boys carry in our pocket for when we need it.


  3. I had a very similar experience at the local pub where i live as well. The only difference is i carry the Cold Steel Spartan. The look on the would be assailant's face was priceless!!

  4. here in nz we can carry no more than 4 inches...but there are more and more school students using knives and any much more and we'll be like the Aussies ...
    being a tradesman I think I have a good excuse to carry

  5. You should never need an excuse to legally carry, I feel sorry for the Australians living in such a bad nanny state. A lot of states in the US aren't very far behind the Aussies, either.

  6. In Connecticut the knife carry law is under 4"inches the law states THE "EDGED PORTION" of the blade.(Single edge)Most knives that are 4in have a 1/4 in or ricasso Making them legal...ALSO if you have a Fishing or hunting license you can carry ANY length knife-(Single edge). Double Edge must be under 1-1/2 in.

  7. The de-arming of nations populations will make it a lot easier for when Big brother makes his move.

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