Friday, January 7, 2011

Cold Steel Vows To End Counterfeiting

Press Release

Cold Steel is dedicated to attacking counterfeiting by any available means, including utilization of the criminal justice system. An example of this sincere commitment to end counterfeiting occurred earlier this year. Based upon information collected by Cold Steel's investigation team, officers from the Elizabethton, Tennessee Police Department surprised the owner of Valley Forge Auction & Wholesale, Bradley Willis McVey, with a search warrant on August 23, 2010. The officers inspected his warehouse and adjoining property for evidence of counterfeit Cold Steel product and seized 293 counterfeit Cold Steel knives. This evidence will be presented to the Carter County Grand Jury in January 2011. Cold Steel will continue to zealously prosecute this alleged counterfeiter and any others that intentionally misuse its intellectual property.

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Dowload the Elizabethton Police Report (PDF)