Monday, February 28, 2011

Our Rajah II meets an Elephant

Our friends at Bear Arm sent us these amazing photos.
One of their customers is an Elephant Keeper at Belfast Zoo and he uses a Cold Steel Rajah II to trim their toes!
This foot belongs to "Jenny", a 50 year old ex-circus Elephant!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Cold Steel EDC

A lot of people have asked about what knives are favoured by Cold Steel employees on an every day basis.
So we did a quick survey of the office and asked the question “what are you carrying today”?

Our office staff mainly carried Cold Steel AK-47, American Lawman or Recon 1 knives

Whereas our warehouse staff favoured much larger knives. They use their knives every single day and a larger blade makes a big difference. Almost all of them carried 6” Tanto Point Voyagers (and the majority went for the fully serrated models)

And what about Lynn himself?
Lynn lives by the credo “Never Unarmed” - taking great pride in having trained with (and being exceptionally proficient in the use of) every product we make.
Regular carry-knives for Lynn include a 6” clip point Voyager, a 6” Ti-Lite or a 5.5“ Paradox.

He often wears a neck knife (favouring a Tanto point Spike or a Mini Tac Skinner)

He's also recently been carrying the new Large G10 Espada and the original prototype of our new Hold Out II – and he's really enjoyed carrying both.

However, this is not a definitive list - Lynn carries multiple knives at all times – and he varies the knives he carries (and where he carries them) regularly.

Find information about all of the knives mentioned here (and many more) at our website

Cold Steel in the Wild

We recently received these amazing photos from Wayne Williamson of TGTS
(Tanzania Game Tracker Safaris).
Wayne took these incredible pictures, showing some of his Cold Steel knives displayed on this big bull Buffalo.

Lynn gave these knives to Wayne in 2010 and was excited to see these photos and to hear how happy Wayne is with his new knives.

Thanks Wayne, we hope to see you again soon!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Dano takes a bite out of crime!

We recently heard that Dano, a Black German Shepard donated to the Ventura County Sheriff's Department by Lynn and Bre Thompson recently apprehended a murder suspect!
The suspect offered resistance to arrest and found out what Dano's teeth were made for.
Way to go Dano!

Lynn and Bre love dogs. In the late 1970's Lynn ran his own K9 security company with multiple Doberman, German Shepherds and even a black Great Dane named “Half Ton” who weighed 150 lbs!
Two of Lynn's German Shepherds (brothers named “Rufus” and “Tiger” were the stars of the kennel and the nemesis of car thieves having single-handily spoiled a number of criminal escapades with their hard white teeth.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Customer Story - Cold Steel Rajah Ups The Stakes In Vegas

We really enjoy reading comments and testemonials by our customers.
Dave sent us a funny story yesterday that we just had to share:

I went to the huge HVAC trade show in Vegas this week,and came across a guy selling gloves.
He started in on these wonderful cut proof gloves, so I said "let's try it out!"
He put the glove on his hand and I gave him a look like "maybe you should take it off".
So he sets the wonder glove on the table, and I pull out my awesome Rajah folder, and with very little pressure, sliced right through the cut-proof glove and right through his table cloth.
The look on his face was priceless and led us to rolling with laughter in
the aisle while he was stumbling for words. Eventually he told us to
just 'move along'!!
I love my Cold Steel!

Thanks for the email Dave - We're glad you convinced him to take off that glove!

Check out this video showing the frightening cutting power of the Rajah in action

Visit our website to find out more about the Rajah Series or to order your own copy of the PROOF DVD

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Two Handed Greatsword - Tosh.0

We've received several comments regarding this week's episode of Tosh.0 on Comedy Central

Whilst we appreciate that was a comedy show and it was simply responding to the viral success of our extremely popular Two Handed Great Sword video (and the subsequent Fuel TV Spots) we felt it important to clarify several matters.

Firstly we were extremely concerned by the complete lack of safety provisions on the show. The Two Handed Great Sword is an exceptionally sharp sword, and in inexperienced hands anything could happen. Even the simplest of precautions (such as eye protection) were overlooked.
When cutting glass and plastics in particular this was incredibly foolhardy.
It was very lucky that no-one was seriously hurt.

Secondly, although we are sure viewers did not see every cut or swing or all of the objects that were struck in the making of this comedy sketch it was obvious the sword had been used repeatedly against extremely heavy objects. This most certainly constitutes gross misuse of a sword.
But, having said that, we were very pleased with how our Two Handed Great Sword held up against the abuse.
Despite all of the punishment, our blade held fast and it was only after repeatedly over-striking the sword against wooden logs that the handle was broken. The full sword (tang and all) eventually slid free from the irrevocably damaged handle.

Simply put, the Great Sword is not an axe.
Lynn used this analogy:

An axe head is often an inch thick at the back and around six inches long. With even with the best axes, years of chopping will take their toll and I'll bet you go through a few axe handles. The shock will eventually break them apart.
Now, our Two Handed Great Sword is over thirty nine inches long. The stresses along the blade must have been tremendous as it was used to hack away at those logs, but even then the blade was intact! The shock eventually broke the handle

Lynn added; “I'm very happy with how our Sword held up to that abuse, but I'm appalled at the lack of safety precautions used in the making of the show. There was no respect for how dangerous those Swords can be. I'm glad no-one was injured,”

Our PROOF DVDs are shot in a safe environment and executed by experienced professionals.
Watch how our Two Handed Great Sword performs (and excels) in the hands of trained experts:

To find out more about the Two Handed Great Sword and to order your own copy of our PROOF DVD visit our website

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

1 vs 40

We received word of a fascinating and courageous story today.
It seems a Gurkha by the name of Bishnu Shrestha was travelling on a train in West Bengal that was beseiged by 40 robbers armed with guns, knives and swords.
Angered by the attempted rape of a woman, he promptly drew his Kukri and killed 3 of the assailants and injured a further 8 before the remainder fled in terror.

Shrestha is due to receive several prestigious medals as well as the Indian Army Bravery Award for his deeds.
He is quoted as saying:

"Fighting the enemy in battle is my duty as a soldier. Taking on the thugs on the train was my duty as a human being."

Cold Steel have a great deal of respect for the Gurkas and have a close association with Dr Gyi, Chief Instructor of the American Bando Association.
Our San Mai III Gurkha Kukri is endorsed by the American Bando Association and proudly bears their official crest.

Lynn is a big fan of the Kukri and has trained extensively in it's use for many years.
He was greatly impressed by the story of Shrestha's bravery and added:

"This is a fine example of a Warrior. All it takes for evil men to prevail is for a good man to do nothing. He stood up! That's what being a Warrior is all about"

We were all astounded by Shrestha's courage and if we can track him down, he'll be receiving a Gurkha Kukri courtesy of Cold Steel.

Visit our website to find out more about our selection of Kukris and our proud association with the American Bando Association