Wednesday, February 2, 2011

1 vs 40

We received word of a fascinating and courageous story today.
It seems a Gurkha by the name of Bishnu Shrestha was travelling on a train in West Bengal that was beseiged by 40 robbers armed with guns, knives and swords.
Angered by the attempted rape of a woman, he promptly drew his Kukri and killed 3 of the assailants and injured a further 8 before the remainder fled in terror.

Shrestha is due to receive several prestigious medals as well as the Indian Army Bravery Award for his deeds.
He is quoted as saying:

"Fighting the enemy in battle is my duty as a soldier. Taking on the thugs on the train was my duty as a human being."

Cold Steel have a great deal of respect for the Gurkas and have a close association with Dr Gyi, Chief Instructor of the American Bando Association.
Our San Mai III Gurkha Kukri is endorsed by the American Bando Association and proudly bears their official crest.

Lynn is a big fan of the Kukri and has trained extensively in it's use for many years.
He was greatly impressed by the story of Shrestha's bravery and added:

"This is a fine example of a Warrior. All it takes for evil men to prevail is for a good man to do nothing. He stood up! That's what being a Warrior is all about"

We were all astounded by Shrestha's courage and if we can track him down, he'll be receiving a Gurkha Kukri courtesy of Cold Steel.

Visit our website to find out more about our selection of Kukris and our proud association with the American Bando Association


  1. This is a great story I saw earlier today and was hoping you would have a blog post on it. Here it is!

  2. That is great! Just goes to show you that men who do great deeds must also be equipped to handle the task. This man had the training, the tool, and most importantly, the courage to do what needed to be done.

  3. And saved a woman from a rape!

  4. Wow, 40 robbers? and I thought Chicago was bad. What a brave, confident man he was armed with only a knife. There should be more men like him in the world.

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