Thursday, February 3, 2011

Two Handed Greatsword - Tosh.0

We've received several comments regarding this week's episode of Tosh.0 on Comedy Central

Whilst we appreciate that was a comedy show and it was simply responding to the viral success of our extremely popular Two Handed Great Sword video (and the subsequent Fuel TV Spots) we felt it important to clarify several matters.

Firstly we were extremely concerned by the complete lack of safety provisions on the show. The Two Handed Great Sword is an exceptionally sharp sword, and in inexperienced hands anything could happen. Even the simplest of precautions (such as eye protection) were overlooked.
When cutting glass and plastics in particular this was incredibly foolhardy.
It was very lucky that no-one was seriously hurt.

Secondly, although we are sure viewers did not see every cut or swing or all of the objects that were struck in the making of this comedy sketch it was obvious the sword had been used repeatedly against extremely heavy objects. This most certainly constitutes gross misuse of a sword.
But, having said that, we were very pleased with how our Two Handed Great Sword held up against the abuse.
Despite all of the punishment, our blade held fast and it was only after repeatedly over-striking the sword against wooden logs that the handle was broken. The full sword (tang and all) eventually slid free from the irrevocably damaged handle.

Simply put, the Great Sword is not an axe.
Lynn used this analogy:

An axe head is often an inch thick at the back and around six inches long. With even with the best axes, years of chopping will take their toll and I'll bet you go through a few axe handles. The shock will eventually break them apart.
Now, our Two Handed Great Sword is over thirty nine inches long. The stresses along the blade must have been tremendous as it was used to hack away at those logs, but even then the blade was intact! The shock eventually broke the handle

Lynn added; “I'm very happy with how our Sword held up to that abuse, but I'm appalled at the lack of safety precautions used in the making of the show. There was no respect for how dangerous those Swords can be. I'm glad no-one was injured,”

Our PROOF DVDs are shot in a safe environment and executed by experienced professionals.
Watch how our Two Handed Great Sword performs (and excels) in the hands of trained experts:

To find out more about the Two Handed Great Sword and to order your own copy of our PROOF DVD visit our website


  1. I saw the segment on Tosh.0 and found the clip funny, but I also noticed the extremely foolish disregard of safety. I know Cold Steel sometimes catches flak from people saying that your blades are of poor quality, but I have not personally found this to be the case and as is explained in this blog post it was the handle that broke, not the blade, and only after smashing it through wood that I (to be completely honest) didn't think it would go through. I must say that I am also impressed by the thoughtful civility of this response when many people would have taken personal offense and responded with anger and spite.

    1. Did you notice the pommel kept getting worse than is gone. You know they noticed that! Also look closely at the guy is hiding behind a tree(shadow) when they tang slid out.Whatever Tosh!!!!

  2. Thanks for the feedback Noah,
    We think our Sword stood up well and our only concerns were for the safety of the contributers and crew of the show.
    We can't urge people enough to train safely and show these blades respect!
    Cold Steel have enjoyed watching the viral success of the Great Sword Video and have even got involved with some of the more light hearted takes on our PROOF DVD (see the Fule TV Spots for example: we watch these sorts of things with interest
    We really appreciate your comment - have a great weekend
    Cold Steel

  3. I would hope anyone watching the Tosh.0 bit would have enough sense to realize it's a comedy show and not try to copy what he did. But we all know tht's just not how the world works.

    Of course your own Cold Steel videos come pretty darn close to doing the same stuff...
    Can anyone really blame Daniel Tosh for messing around like he did after seeing all the over the top stuff you guys do? I can't.

    The truth is your videos are virtually as ridiculous as his sketch, with one important difference; he is making a comedy show, you guys want to be taken serioulsy. To assume the average viewer would or could recognize your 'safety precautions' or 'professionals' is just plain impractical. All people see is a sword being swung at all kinds of crazy junk. Then they want to try. That's it.

    How about less righteous talk and more responsible action?

  4. Hi Chris,
    Thanks for your comments
    Here at Cold Steel we take safety very seriously. Our DVDs state very clearly that the actions performed constitute gross abuse. Our DVDs are shot under the safest conditions and the cutting feats are performed by extremely well trained and exceptionally talented individuals with a lot of experience handling these products.
    If our blades are well cared for and treated with respect they will last a lifetime and be there for you in a pinch, if you abuse these tools on a regular basis you run the risk of causing unseen damage they may come back to haunt you.
    Our only problem with the Tosh.0 sketch was the lack of safety precautions and as we stated we are just very glad no-one got hurt.

  5. Well, I personally believe common sense should indicate to a person that extreme caution should be practiced when doing anything with a thirty-nine inch razor sharp sword that can cut through several pigs or a block of wood in a single stroke, regardless of whether the individuals seen using the sword were being safe or were professionals. And that isn't being impractical.

    Furthermore, it's my understanding that the sword was already considerably damaged during Tosh's bit; the pommel nut was missing during the clip where the handle broke.

    And while Tosh's misuse of the blade and utter lack of safety protocol was apparent, such disregard is a hallmark of his show. Such is the legacy of the Jackass generation.

  6. Marketing such as the type this company uses is highly irresponsible. Sure, they have added the little clauses onto the videos, maybe onto the swords themselves (I don't know; I've never owned a Cold Steel). Common sense may dictate that a person should not engage in such behavior with a sword, but many of the people who are impressed with this type of marketing and buy a sword as a result of it aren't exactly the type to have common sense or to read fine print and clauses and frankly, won't care about them. They're more the 'hold my beer and watch this' types, or young and inexperienced swordsman-wannabes with stars in their eyes. As such, regardless of all the clauses and warning labels you could possibly attach to a product and its marketing, ethics would hold the 'testers', marketers, promoters and the company itself accountable for any injury, property damage or loss of life due to emulating their behavior (and, despite the clauses, if an injured party or their family chose to pursue damages in a court of law, this argument would hold its weight). All the while the real sword collectors, martial artists and enthusiasts are sitting back and shaking their heads...and laughing at the company. A lot. Ignorance begets ignorance.

    Seriously, stop it.

    While no one may have gotten injured on the comedy show, I'm certain that someone has attempted these follies in real life and ended up injured or injuring someone else.

    Another thing I would like to mention is the wording in this marketing; speaking of the sword giving someone 'an advantage in a fight', being a 'street-wrecker' and being invincible if one 'keeps this sword by the door'. To me, this is encouraging people to use this sword on other people, and that is the pinnacle of irresponsibility. What if, for instance, sword owner X gets angry at roommate Y and decides to act upon it, using the sword? It's a recipe for getting them banned for all of us and for the sword companies losing all their business because they will have no one left to sell to. The demographic this marketing targets is the young, inexperienced and 'macho', which are all the most likely to get hurt or killed (or hurt someone else) in any of a numerous series of circumstances. That makes it especially dangerous.

    The fact the company states they employ 'experienced professionals' as testers is another that I must take issue with. As a martial artist I saw no skill, no technique in any of the executed cuts, just big guys swinging around sharpened hunks of metal. It's not impressive, it's ridiculous. instead, why not attempt to change the target demographic by using some real martial art practitioners and traditional targets? It may not be as impressive as stabbing through a steel drum, but more of the right kind of people will be impressed and want to buy the product. It may be something to consider.

    And while the company may be proud that the blade did not break, the simple fact of the matter is that, in the end, the sword did still fail.

  7. Excuse me.
    I am under the impression that you sell swords.
    The handle is part of the sword.
    The handle broke.
    The sword failed.
    This argument would only hold if you solely sold sword blades.

  8. That's like holding a company that produces candles responsible because you tipped one over and wound up burning your house down, Tetsuko. We all know fire is dangerous, just like we all know that sharp blades are dangerous. If you choose to purposefully misuse a product, you alone are responsible. Especially if said product has warnings and disclaimers.

  9. Well, I was sorely hoping for a response from the company representative...but sure, I'll dance with you. ;) Unfortunately, litigation for just such examples as you stated are not only a reality but incredibly common in our society. Here are a few examples:

    "An unidentified wife and husband were fighting. The wife grabbed a loaded revolver and placed it against her husbands chest. She cocked the gun and without warning the gun went off. She sued the gun manufacturer claiming that she was only bluffing and that the gun went off too easily, thus killing her husband. This is a classic case of someone mishandling machinery and then blaming the manufacturer. This irresponsibility resulted tragically in a death. This also sets a bad example for those who have 'accidents' with guns. It sends a message that it's OK to mishandle guns and then blame the manufacturer."

    "A husband of a 20 year cigarette smoker who died of lung cancer sued the tobacco company for the responsibility of her death, even though the cigarette packages displayed a Surgeon General's Warning. He--incredibly--won the case."

    "One day, two young boys were playing in a park. The boys were acting like boys. They were running, laughing, jumping etc. They were even chasing geese near a pond in the park. All of the fun stopped when the two boys fell in the pond. People tried CPR but it wouldn't bring the boys back. Shortly after they got to the hospital the two boys died. Now the parents of the boys are suing the park for not providing park supervision. Where were the parents when the boys were playing outside? It's the parents' legal duty to look after their children."

    (All examples excerpted from: )

    Three different examples, all of outrageous litigation. At least one of these pseudo-victims won. Let us also not forget the woman who sued McDonald's and won because SHE spilled hot coffee in her lap. Common sense does NOT rule the day (nor does natural selection, it seems) and people are going to try stupid things and defer the blame to someone else. All the warning labels in the world are not going to prevent the behavior, because the people most likely to engage in the behavior are the ones least likely to read (or care about) the warning labels. Our society is not only consumer based, but protects the consumer rather than the corporation (which is generally a good thing, save for in cases of deferring blame) and the idiot/criminal rather than the real victim (to me, our system has failed and is in dire need of revision in this matter). The only way to absolve responsibility from an entity--corporate or otherwise--would be to force consumers who purchased their product to sign a contract with a 'hold harmless' clause. Since this would be virtually impossible for an online retailer to do and impractical for brick-and-mortars and mom-and-pops, it will never happen, and idiots will continue to buy the products and do stupid things with them. (To be continued.)

  10. The biggest problem I have with this machismo-based marketing is the 'do as I say, not as I do' attitude that follows it. In the videos it is insinuated that one could use this sword on another person, in a fight and that one could cut though all sorts of unrealistic objects with it. Yet the company must feel that this is somehow wrong (or at least feel the need to superficially cover their proverbial rear-ends) because there are warnings on the DVD. This would not be necessary if more responsible marketing tactics were employed, such as the cutting of traditional targets by trained martial artists or, at the very least, to use attractive people to simply model the sword because, as sexist and degrading it may be, we all know that sex moves product. (I would like to state that while that suggestion made my stomach turn and I am myself female, I still believe this would be a better, more responsible marketing option than chopping a dead swines' face in half and telling the viewers to 'keep the sword by their front door.' Additionally, a shift in marketing of this nature will still appeal to the same demographic but is far less dangerous.)

    Now let us take a glimpse into the future and see a potential outcome for reinforcing this behavior and rewarding it when someone is injured by it. There are already several bills trying to restrict weapon size, who can purchase a weapon and some calling for outright bans...and I'm not talking about guns. There has been a whole slew of blade legislation in recent years put forth by activist groups and politicians who want to put out the fires rather than searching for a real solution to the problem, such as education. One person getting injured and filing a lawsuit after watching these videos and emulating the behavior contained therein would be all the fuel at least a few of these bills need to be taken much more seriously and potentially passed. What then? Collectors will lose their collectibles that they may have invested a substantial amount of money in, martial artists will lose their training equipment and this entire industry will fold because, when it's illegal to buy something, there's no one left to sell to. This wouldn't just be protecting people from themselves but would kill the industry and remove a joy and pastime from the lives of millions. (To be continued.)

  11. A good example of this type of legislation and something that is happening currently is all the legislation aimed at exotic animal ownership. Because a few idiots purchased certain types of reptiles 'because they're cool' and were unable to care for them or became afraid of them when they grew large, instead of relinquishing them to a rescue or selling them to a specialty store or someone more capable to care for them, they dumped them in the Everglades. This area is much like the native habitat of these animals, and they have been proliferating and preying on native animals. Shotgun legislation was brought to Congress in regards to the reptiles, attempting to ban them and anything deemed 'exotic' entirely, and refusing to grandfather in responsible owners, even though the creatures are incapable of surviving on their own outside the Everglades, meaning it's solely Florida's problem, not the entire Country's. The list of 'responsible owners' includes zoos, conservationists, breeders and researchers. Fortunately this was not passed into law, but if it had been, every animal in the country that was not livestock, regular pet animals such as dogs and cats as well as fowl, would have been confiscated and euthanized. A multi-billion dollar industry would have collapsed overnight. Science would have suffered, and millions of people would be without their beloved pets. A better solution would be education before ownership, registration of ownership and micro-chipping, so if someone decides to be foolish, they are held directly accountable. Extremist groups (such as PeTA) have already introduced new legislation to replace what was not passed and are lobbying hard for it, so there is still a possibility it could happen. (Look up the bill S. 373 for the entire context of the bill and to see just how dangerous it really would have been.)

    It is the same for blades. There are special interest groups that would like to see them out of the hands and homes of everyone and are just looking for a poster-child with whom to further their cause. The wild marketing tactics employed in these videos are an enabling mechanism that could very well produce such a poster child under the right conditions. If one is drunk, young or just foolish, they are likely to emulate the behavior...'because it's cool'. And someone WILL get hurt. When that happens, you can be certain that lobbyist groups will be all over the story like ants at a picnic, and a warning label is not going to prevent it from happening. (End.)

  12. I would not by this after seeing the segment on tosh.o abused or not.....

  13. That was the longest argument I've ever seen about a product and I honestly think cold steel does not want to respond to it. I agree with everything you had to say but I kept asking myself throughout your argument what you cared about more, people seriously injuring themselves or swords becoming illegal. It sounded to me like you only cared about the consumers safety because of the power it would give to a bill against swords.

  14. Indeed Spencer, it was about the longest argument I've ever seen made about a product too, as well as the longest I've ever made about one. You must understand that this was an argument that I've wanted to state to the company for years, regardless of whether they chose to respond to it or not. I must say I feel a great deal better having made it, and just hope it will reach the thinking centers of the right person's brain inside the company who may say 'hey, she's right' and begin to restructure their marketing entirely, and perhaps even the product itself, though that's a terribly optimistic and highly doubtful way of thinking.

    There are two reasons I phrased my argument as I did. The first is that I was trying to appeal to the company in a way they may be able to relate to, understand and possibly respond to. I have experience in the blade industry and, while every company will not be the same, they will all have similar concerns, such as how to move more product and not get sued in the process. The second is that I am a sword person, not a people person. I collect, study, eat, breathe, sleep and use swords. I've been practicing sword arts for two-thirds of my life, and my skills with them are far better than my skills relating to other sentient beings. At least I am aware of this fact; acknowledgment and admission are the first two steps of solving a problem, correct? I do not suffer fools well or lightly, and I feel that most people who do something stupid with a sword and get injured in the process get exactly what's coming to them (and possibly need the life lesson anyway), though even the most seasoned martial artist is prone to a mistake once in a while. I'm mainly referring to the people whom I have mentioned repetitively in my argument; young, macho and drunk. It's simply evolution's way of gently suggesting they not add to the gene-pool and they wouldn't, if not for all our many wonderful medical advancements that allow the village idiots of the world to go on living past what truly should have been their natural life-span.

    Not to sound harsh or anything, that's just things as I see them, and there are as many viewpoints as there are sentient beings to house them. And that viewpoint is, of course, subject to change depending upon the circumstances, such as the idiot wielder himself not being injured, but injuring someone else. There is a certain moral outrage, a righteous indignation that stems from such things in all but the most sociopathic of people, of which I am not one. This is also why I encourage enthusiasts to seek training before they decide to go chop things up (or even to swing a sword, really) in their back yards. The most basic of training at least instills sword safety, which helps to prevent a lot of stupid and heart-breaking accidents. I also encourage this for gun enthusiasts and enthusiasts who are handling or doing dangerous things, whatever they may be. With knowledge comes safety.

    When owning or handling dangerous objects, a certain amount of responsibility should be taken by the one who decides to own or handle them. The blame for any stupid mistake should, ethically, fall on that one's shoulders, but in our society where it's so popular and lucrative to defer blame, that does not happen as much as it should. So the blame gets placed on the victims, on the company that supplied the dangerous implements, anywhere but where it should rightfully be. Personally, I accept all responsibility of any accident that should occur if there is a sword in my hand. There has never been an accident, but should one happen, as an ethical practitioner the blame would be squarely on my shoulders and I accept that. I, however (and a precious few others out there who will know innately whom they are), am the exception rather than the rule.

  15. @Tetsuko: I completely agree with everything you've said. I came here to make my own argument, but it seems my comment didn't get through. Basically, though, what I was going to post was about an issue with the pommel nut featured on the great sword. Although it seems Cold Steel refuses to acknowledge it, there have been issues with their pommels before. One such example can be found in a review on the Sword Buyer's Guide forums, in which one member reviewed the Cold Steel great sword. In his review, he stated that the pommel was loose, and he couldn't tighten it sufficiently to fix it. He also stated that he did not feel safe swinging the sword at all, because he knows what could happen. Another example I heard personally from one of the members of MEMAG (Medieval European Martial Arts Guild). He advised that I stay away from Cold Steel's hand and a half sword (which seems to feature the exact same pommel nut as the great sword), because his fell apart in his hands, much in the same way as the great sword did on Tosh.0. I believe it would be safe to say that all of the members of MEMAG are professionals, and that he did not severely abuse the sword.

  16. Oh, and I had emailed Cold Steel about their pommel nut before, with these examples, and was blatantly IGNORED. However, something happens on Tosh.0, their forums get buzzing, and suddenly they feel like replying to me when I try again. Now, I am no hater of Cold Steel. Personally, I love many of their products. I even have their 1796 LC saber, and it's my favorite sword. I am also not stupid, and know not to abuse a sword, and am sure to take care of them. However, I've noticed that a majority of Cold Steel's argument on this topic (both on this blog and in their email response), that they're bringing up the lack of safety precautions on the show. Well, let me say something. A lack of safety precautions does not make a sword fall apart. They're also refusing to accept any blame at all, although much of the sword collecting and Western martial arts community is aware that Cold Steel has had some quality control issues in the past. There are lemons out there, and it doesn't seem like a coincidence to me that the pommel on Tosh's great sword failed when there have been previous accounts of pommel issues with this sword, as well as others. There are many swords good swords out there that could have handled the abuse shown on Tosh.0 better than the great sword. Hell, Cold Steel does outrageous things themselves, and the only difference (as you stated, Tetsuko), is that they supposedly have "professionals". We don't even really know if they actually are professionals. They just want us to take their word for it. They also assume that much more abuse happened off camera than what is shown on Tosh.0. Have they contacted anyone from the show to verify this? As far as I can see, no, they haven't. We could easily assume the same about Cold Steel's videos. How do we know they don't go through multiple swords while filming them, and have a pile of broken or damaged swords off the set? The thing is, we DON'T know.

    Basically, what I am trying to say here, is that despite the blatant abuse of the sword on Tosh.0, Cold Steel can't just put all the blame on Tosh. Cold Steel does outrageous things with their swords on camera for us all to see, as a part of their marketing campaign. It's only fair to expect that EVERY Cold Steel product performs as well as they show us (and if what they show us isn't the entire truth, then they need to own up). If I cannot be confident that my sword will live up to my expectations and the standards set by their videos, then I don't want it.

  17. @ Brian: Oh absolutely, I agree with you 100%. It bothers me more than a little bit that Cold Steel is just ignoring these posts on their blog and doing nothing to address them (as well as ignoring customer emails, ect). I think it speaks volumes about the company and its ethics. I do hope they will consider addressing these concerns in some way before they come to regret it. I too will not buy a product that will not perform in my hands as it appears to in the marketing, and people have gotten into a lot of trouble in the past for false advertisement. That pommel assembly is a safety hazard, and even if they keep it on the down-low, they should consider trying to fix that (and maybe even recall previous models that have that issue). It really is too bad. In the end, it is their loss, because they're forcibly cutting out business they could have had with a different marketing campaign, sales approach and problem resolution.

  18. Grr...I'm getting tired of this freaking glitch that's not letting me post my comments the FIRST time, making me have to type it all out again.

    @Testuko: To be honest, with the current condition of the economy, it wouldn't surprise me if they couldn't afford to do a recall. Regardless, with a potential safety hazard, that doesn't make it ok to do nothing. Even if they don't do a recall, I also hope that they do something to improve their method of securing the tang to the pommel. There are a couple tried and true methods out there. Peening is good, and many people prefer peened tangs. However, if loosening is an issue, and they'd like to make maintenance easier, there is also the recessed pommel nut design, which various makers of production, semi-custom, and custom blades use. Some notable names are Hanwei, Valiant Armoury, Gus Trim, and Michael Tinker Pearce.

    Also, Cold Steel has mentioned that the pommels on some of their swords can be used as a weapons "in their own right", as they like to say. If that is true, it would only make sense to me to be sure that their pommels are sturdy enough for such a use. After Cold Steel pointed out the fact that you can see that the pommel is bent (quite a bit) on the great sword during the part where Tosh cut the big water jug, I watched it again. Sure enough, you can see that it is bent. If cutting something like that caused the pommel to bend, though, I can't imagine it being useful for too many pommel strikes. Anyway, something needs to be done about this, rather than simply blaming it on operator error. I hope Cold Steel steps up and takes responsibility, instead of curling up in the fetal position with their ears covered and their eyes closed in the corner, hoping it will all go away.

  19. Ah, I found it! I found the review that I mentioned from the Sword Buyer's Guide forums. And to top it all off, I remembered it a bit incorrectly. This guy didn't just have a pommel issue with one Cold Steel great sword. He had a pommel issue with TWO. IN A ROW.

  20. I have never personally had any issues with Cold Steel products but I'm also not defending their merchandise. I haven't had enough experience with their products to make that judgement. However, you can't just ban products or tools because some idiot or another doesn't use it correctly and ends up hurting themselves or someone else. You also can't blame a company that makes said product for what the buyer does with it. If something breaks and causes an accidental injury or fatality because of the poor quality then maybe it would be the companies fault. I just watched a video of someone swinging a blade at an object that someone else was holding between his hands. The person holding the object got a serious cut on his hand. This is not the blade makers' fault! If someone is swinging a screwdriver around like a moron and ends up stabbing someone with it would you end up banning screwdrivers? When it comes down to it emergency medicine, lawsuits and the lack of responsibility from parents/guardians/etc. are impeding natural selection and are the real cause of this stupidity spreading in the world. Who will you sue when someone throws a rock in the air and it ends up hitting them in the head? There is a post I have seen tossed around lately and I think it kind of applies to these posts. "Don't like gay marriages? Don't get one.. Don't like cigarettes? Don't smoke them.. Don't like abortions? Don't get one.. Don't like sex? Don't have it.. Don't like drugs? Don't do them.. Don't like porn? Don't watch it.. Don't like alcohol? Don't drink it.. Don't like guns? Don't buy one.. Don't… like your rights taken away??? Don't take away someone else's." So, don't like these blades or what some jackass did with one? Don't buy one yourself and teach others how to be responsible. Do not take away my rights to buy one!

  21. To the above poster, whose user name is too absurdly long to bother typing or copy+pasting (joking): I don't remember saying anything about banning anything. I just think Cold Steel has a quality issue with these pommels on their Great Swords (and their Hand-and-a-Half/Bastard Swords, from what I've heard), and I think Cold Steel should correct it. I even cited an example, and posted the link to said example, here for everyone to see. The Tosh.0 incident may have been, partially, Tosh's fault. However, Cold Steel holds equal blame. That is all I am saying. As for the incident I cited, that was Cold Steel's fault, 100%. And if you ask around on some forums, you will find mixed opinions about Cold Steel's swords. It's pretty common to hear that buying a Cold Steel sword is a bit of a risk, because the prevalence of the "lemons". I have been fortunate enough, myself, to not have had any personal issues with Cold Steel, but I only have one sword from them.

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  26. I broke a cold steel Italian long sword and I wasn't cutting logs. Snapped where the tang narrows for the pommel. I guess this is an issue they've had in with this sword. This was the worst blade failure I've had on a sword. The whole blade flew apart. I sent an email to customer service and was never responded to.

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