Monday, March 21, 2011

Congratulations Jason!

Cold Steel's Jason Heck competed in Saber at the Orange County Coast
Division 3 Weapons Open yesterday
He won every bout during the pools (the only person to do so), and was
#1 seed going into the direct elimination round.
Jason won his first D.E. (Direct Elimination) bout 15-3 (before going on to compete against a saberist that used to fence against his late fencing coach Carlos Fuertes).
It was a hard fought match with Jason eventually prevailing 15-13.
His next match was against the highest rated fencer in the competition. After another tough bout, Jason lost 13-15, but still went on to recieve his Division II rating.
Just one more step up and Jason will be Division I and fencing at the
highest ranked competitions in the country!

Congratulations Jason!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Eastern Sports and Outdoor Winners!

A few weeks ago, Cold Steel attended the Eastern Sports & Outdoor Show in Harrisburg, PA.
We had a great time and were made very welcome

While we were there, we had a draw and several folks walked away with a new Cold Steel SK5 Laredo Bowie!
Congratulations to Matt, Blake, Gerald, Tim, Ron, Jim, Al, Shawn, Bruce, Charles, Jason, John, Josh, David, Pat, Terry, B.J and Philip

Here are a few pictures of some of the lucky winners with their new knives:

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

How is Cold Steel a part of your life?

Join our Facebook group to enter this competition

How is Cold Steel a part of your life?

Join our Facebook group and tag Cold Steel in photos of yourselves, your friends and your family using our products in your every day life.

We love hearing about how our products are used every day by hunters, outdoor enthusiasts, law enforcement and military personnel and martial artists as well as members of the general public.
But we want to see pictures!

From hunting, throwing and martial arts training all the way through to day to day uses for any of our products. From kitchen knives to kukris, we want to see what you use - and how you use it!

The Rules

We want to see honest to goodness day to day use, not copies of our PROOF testing.
We are interested in how you make Cold Steel a part of your every day life.
This competition is Facebook only – We will not accept submissions via any other media.
You must “tag” both yourselves and the Cold Steel product in the photograph.
Include a brief description with your photo explaining what product you use and what you use it for.

The competition ends on midday, April 1st 2011.
Lynn Thompson will review the photos and choose his personal favorite.
The lucky Cold Steel user will win an awesome Combat Classic SK5 High Carbon Laredo Bowie!