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Never Unarmed Review

We recently received this excellent and in-depth review of our new DVD NEVER UNARMED and wanted to share it with you...

Disc 1, Side A:

Airguns: I loved this part as it brought back so many wonderful memories! I was entertained and amazed with the distance and accuracy of the shooting, completely unaware of the 20 and 25 cal offerings, and shocked at how much diference pellet choice made in penatration.

Disc 1 Side A, Part 2:

Mini Revolvers: To me, much of this was a affermation of what I have been doing and carrying for a decade.
My freinds laugh at my diminutive pistols, but as Lynn states and demonstrates - two mini's and a large high-quality knife can be extremely formidable!
As Lynn says, you cant use the weapon your not carrying!
The part on grappling range use and contact shooting is in my opinion spot on, as is the stealthy deployment and cunning use of back-up weapons. His ability to hit targets at distance is astounding. I struggle to make hits at 25yds!
I will take Lyn's advice and pick up a 22lr mini as an understudy to improve my skills affordably.
In summary, outstanding!

Disc 1, Side B:

Pocket Pistols: These guns are very popular in my state now due to changes in CWP - it's now "must issue" not "may issue".
Very good imformation on reliability of the semi autos, (I also prefer the revolvers for that reason).
The part on movement when using smaller cals is a lifesaver, as is finding cover.
Once again the shooting keeps it fun and shows what can be achieved with practice. But seriously Lynn, 100 yds from a 2 inch snubie!? DAMN!!

Disc 2, Side A:

22 Rifle: This subject was really a reminder of how much fun a 22 rifle can be. I sold my ruger years ago and now regret it.
Until this dvd series I was unaware of the "understudy concept".
You reminded me of how much fun plinking breakable targets was, and what good training also. Different ranges, holdover and under,the "impossible long shot". I am one of those bench handicaped shooters and will now shoot everything predominately offhand!
The only downside is that I now have to get another 10-22 and a metalman!

I also enjoyed the defensive-use section, proper shot placement plus bullets in bunches!
Use that high capacity to full effect, and remember to move! The man who can shoot well while moving will beat the man who can't in a gun battle. It's also important to train to hit moving targets. Lynn is right on about most people not being able to hit them.
Tons of fun to watch, good info, great segment.

Disc 2, Side B:

Service Revolver: I liked the table full of different revolvers and their differing chamberings,materials, weights etc.
I had no idea for instance that their were 38 special or larger cals in 8 shot cylinders, or that the lighter material made such a big savings in weight.
I am also a fan of the rugers and own a GP100 stainless 357 mag, I really love its single action trigger pull.
This segment made me realize that I almost never practice double action, but would probably use it that way in a defensive situation.
I will remedy this!
I'm very happy Lynn talked about realistic skill assesment as most shooters (myself included) tend to think they can do "for real" what they can on the range without presure.
The draw, fire, holster drills are good as well. I've done these with friends who make 25yd hits regularly, but add a stopwatch and say go and four to five second double taps with no or poor hits are the rule!
Your explanation of aiming points on the human body was great and super informative.

Disc 2, Side B:

Service Pistols: I call this section "gunfighter 101"
It has all the basic (and not so basic) information nessasary to begin your walk as a modern warior.
If you have not had military or formal training such as gunsites classes this is must see TV.
The parts on searching and ripping fire were the first I have been exposed to and make good sense in a survival setting.
The pratice of using high capacity magazines to lay down suppresive fire and covering fire are super useful for obtaining cover or escaping danger. Once again Lynn's demonstration of distance shooting was amazing and motivating.
I managed to get three out of five hits on a cardboard human size target at 100 yds. Something I never would have even tried before, as I would have considered it rifle only distance.
I wish Lyn would have said how much hold over he uses for two and three hundred yard shots though as our range only goes to 100 yds so I can not practice these.
Very inspiring.

Disc 3, Side A:

Big Bore Revolvers: This was a cool section as I will probably never own one bigger than 44mag.
It was fun to see them all being fired, and I am constantly amazed that Lynn can make hits so far out with iron sights offhand.
The demos and penetration tests are always fun and encouraging.
My practice now includes 100yd pistol shooting at man size targets and I can make the shots surprisingly often now!

Disc 3, Side A:

Single Shot Pistols: These are not really my thing but if they are yours this part was good stuff.
The information on pros and cons seemed right on, and the instruction on cover, using camoflage and distance made good sense.

Disc 3, Side B:

Single-Shot Shotgun/Single-Shot Rifle/Double-Barrell Shotgun: My first "real" gun was a single shot 20 gauge, and the instruction brought back alot of memories of lessons hard earned.
This could have saved me much time on the learning curve!
Like lynn says - these firearms teach the importance of accuracy.
The same lessons apply to the single rifle as well, the double shotgun part tells me to get one with auto shell eject if possible,way faster reloads. Their advantages can make up for their short commings under certain circumstances.
Parry with the gun while using your knife close in could save your life in a fight with multiple assailants! Good info for those with small budgets and/or crappy laws.

Disc 4, Side A:

Pump Shotguns: Everyone's favorite midnight go-to gun, this section points out the features that make this a potent choice for close in defensive work. The intimidating nature of a big bore muzzle and sound of the slide being racked!

The pro's of reliability and ample ammo choices were right on as was Mr. Thompsons suggestion of a remmington or mossberg.
The penatration tests were way cool.
The 200yd shots with slugs were awsome and I completely agree with Lynns choice of 00 buck shot.
I use fedrals military two and three quarter inch loads.
Though slow to reload the combo of good capacity and big power make it a winner!
semi auto: I always thought these were less reliable choices but the newer guns are very good appearently, fast firing and tough.
The demo on the car was excellent.
Though expesive and more sensitive to bad ammo, they are also very good choices.
Very cool.

Disc 4, Side B:

Bolt Actions: Their weaknesses (slower shooting and loading) are true, but their strengths are strong (super accurate and reliable).
Not my choice for fighting but this shows how to best utilize this weapon in this role. Something advanced infantry training never did!
They are my choice for long distance and precision marksmanship however.

Snap shooting and point shooting? Ive never seen anyone do that with a bolt gun before! And in 30 years at our public range (100 yds only) have not saw a single person ever shoot one offhand!
Now that's the majority of my practice, instead of the usual bench shooting.
The run and gun tactics were great as is always the practice of utilizing cover and conceilment.
The penatration tests are always a favorite to see what does what for real!
The military arms section was super fun as these are my favorites (my brother loves the mausers best).
The long range shooting and penatration demos made me giddy!
This segment surprised me with how much information and just plain fun it contained, bravo!

Disc 5, Side A:

Lever Action Rifles: I bought one of these while working as animal control warden. A marlin in 44 magnum. It seemed like a good due it all caliber and just "felt right" in my hands.
I totally agree on the fighting with a levergun parts, always find cover, and the close in snap shooting and point shooting portion really hit home with me. That type of shot was what i had to due most times, (sick, wounded,or rabid) as they did not wait around long!
Wish i had these DVD's a few years ago!
As always the drills and demos rocked.
I set my rifle up with a Burris fast fire II halo sight and love it .
I use hornady leverevolution ammo almost exclusively, it really shoots flat.
Tried the dark reload practice drill, it's harder than I thought, good info for anyone.
I had heard they are a 100yd gun but after watching Lynn drill targets at 200yds offhand, I have new confidence and more practicing to do!
Great section, great info, loads of fun.

Disc 5, Side B:

Semi-Automatic Rifles: I have more rifles of this type than the others. I love the other types as well but the speed and fire-power of the semi-autos cannot be overlooked.
I now I dont mind the black gun stigma, I wear it like a badge of honor!

Lynn's observations on most shooters poor practice with these guns is so true. I see guys shoot ARs off the bench and bag at 25 to 50yds constantly! And with scopes to boot! Usually quite poorly as well.
I had a guy that was amazed when i hit a 243 20 rd empty ammo box offhand at 50yds, only 50!
Lynn's thoughts on the amount of mags and ammo makes me feel like I'm NOT Paranoid at all! I totally agree.
Nice to see that level of tactical thinking in someone else, I am not alone!

The part on fighting positions is great, I forget that not everyone has had infantry training and would not know this stuff - great addition!
Even on the army rifle team I have never tried a 300yd off-hand shot at a man size target, that's not easy! We shot this distance in the prone position.
The penetration tests for sand bags did not surprise me for the AR and AKs but did not know how well it would hold against the 308s.
This could be the first time the majority of people ever got any info on these mostly military topics. Nice inclusion!
The 300yd offhand demos with the battle rifles was super and way hard! Metal man looks damn small thru the iron sights at that distance!
This section was arguably my favorite and the parts of using cover, common mistakes etc. (shooting the bad-guys gun when exposed is advanced stuff usually only learned with years of experiance!!)
Outstanding work.

Disc 6, Side A:

Big Bore Rifles: This is a catagory of rifle I will almost certainly never have an opportunity to fire let alone own. I am not a hunter, and will not need this much power, that said, wow!
The slow-motion footage of the recoil traveling though Lynns body was crazy!
The meat penatration tests were real-world accurate and very cool
600 nitro magnum is shoulder launch artillary!
900 grain, over 7000 ft pounds of energy, this is nuts!
One really needs an understudy with this class of rifle.
A fun way to finish the series!


In Summary: It's tough to know where to start with so much information, but here goes nothing.
I think the highest praise from me would have to be I disagreed with nothing!
At 48 years old I am opinionated and not shy about calling "bull" when I see it.
I'm no expert on hunting, but have put my "time in grade" (as Lynn says) into tactical training and mind set.
4 years Army infantry training all things combat, and all the time since applying that as a civillian.
Each catogory hit what was needed and any repetition from catagory to catagory was esential to burn in the brain its importance
Like always - fight from cover when possible! Reloading under stress, shoot and move, practice hard to fight well - This was a lesson I re-learned and have put to use already.
Since watching this DVD, my glock marksmanship has nearly doubled, and rifle skills are improving drasticly using offhand only practice and the understudy concepts.
Thanks for all your hard work and for sharing a lifetime of experience, Lynn! Super job!

Sincerely, J.B Rosenbaum

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September Throwing Competition

We want to see photos and video of our friends, fans and customers throwing the Cold Steel Trench Hawk!

Photos and videos can be submitted via our Facebook Fan Page, Twitter or the THROWING COMPETITION thread of our forums.

Each of the 3 winners will recieve one of our newly released (and eagerly anticipated) Leatherneck SF knives and a copy of our 6 disc DVD Never Unarmed

The competition will run until Friday 7th October 2011 and the 3 winners (as picked by Lynn C Thompson) be announced shortly afterwards.

Entries are restricted to Cold Steel Trench Hawks only

Entrants must be over 18

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