Wednesday, October 19, 2011


While packing his prototypes for our move to the new Cold Steel HQ Lynn spotted a fascinating blast from the past.

Here is Lynn's first Navaja prototype from 1984. The beginning of a design journey that would lead to our world-renowned Espada series.

Many years of development, design and refinement have gone into making our Espada the powerhouse of a knife that it is today.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Customer Mail - The Right Tool for the Right Job

We received this interesting and amusing email from a fan in Australia.
Lynn enjoyed it so much he thought we should share it with you:

G'day Cold Steel!

I have a gripe I hope Cold Steel might have a go at fixing. For your next lot of DVDs could the subject be in regards to bushcraft?
Please set the record straight on the old adage 'the right tool for the right job'.
I am sick of the misinformation and bulls**t being touted by weekend warriors and survival enthusiasts as gospel bushcraft. Everybody is batoning knives though lumps of timber, then chucking a hissy fit when the blade fails.

The unrealistic expectations that are being placed on hardware is just flatout foolish. I have been a bushman all my life, I was a NORFORCE Patrolman for several years also and the principles of bushcraft are the same. Minimal waste and the conservation of energy is paramount with a minimal impact on whatever environment you may be in.

To elaborate:
In a military context, if you are in a survival situation you are most likely in an escape and evasion scenario and you will seriously want to leave as little footprint in your wake as possible; so the enemy has less chance of finding you.
If you genuinely find yourself in a survival scenario you will only be able to make use of the resources that your hardware is CAPABLE of processing (and that hardware may only be what's on your person or in your immediate vicinity).
Batoning 6-7 inch knives through 8 inch lumps of timber is just dumb when there is a more energy efficient and conservative alternative available that does not destroy your hardware.

I am a big fan of Ray Mears (I'm sure there are many US based bushcrafters who are just as brilliant), he always promotes the right tool for the right job AND presses the importance of the correct application of knowledge and skill to make bushcraft truly work in any environment.

I feel a new set of Cold Steel DVDs on bushcraft using Cold Steel hardware would be great in setting the record straight on how good Cold Steel is for bushcraft tasks.
Sorry about the gripe, but I had to get that one off my chest!

- David

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


We are currently in the process of moving to our new Cold Steel HQ.
We will be closed from 20th - 22nd of October whilst relocating to our new facility.
Phones & Faxes will be back up 6:00 AM the following business day.
Any returns for repairs, sharpening, warranty, etc. will not be processed for 2-3 weeks during the move.

As you can see our new HQ is looking amazing!
We will be announcing our new location (and lots of exciting news) shortly.