Wednesday, November 30, 2011

December Facebook Competition

We had a lot of interest in our Parking Lot Sale this year.
People travelled from all over the USA to come to Ventura, hang out with Lynn and the Cold Steel crew and pick up some bargains.

As always one of the biggest attractions was our rare and discontinued items table.
We always try to have a few surprises at the Parking Lot Sale and the event has become a must-see attraction for Cold Steel collectors.
This sale was no exception, with lots of unusual Cold Steel items (from rare custom classics like our Hatamoto to long-discontinued folders like our Night Force series)

We picked two of the most popular knives from our rarities table and kept them back as prizes for our latest facebook competition.

A rare Carbon V Twistmaster and a Mini Bushman with leather sheath.
Both knives are fan favorites and exceptional survival knives.

People who know our company President Lynn C Thompson well know that he is an avid survivalist and outdoorsman.
Therefore when it came to choosing the two knives for our latest competition (and the requirements of the competition itself) it came as no surprise that survival skills were mentioned.

We want to see your Bug Out Bags! What are you carrying for WTSHTF!?
What products have you chosen as essentials for survival?

Post your photographs (with a description) on the Cold Steel fan page by midnight on December 15th and the winners will be announced the following week.

Both of these knives will make an exceptional addition to any survivalists Bug Out Bag.

1st Place: Cold Steel Mini Bushman with Leather Sheath and a copy of Never Unarmed

2nd Place: Cold Steel Carbon V Twistmaster and a copy of Never Unarmed

3rd Place: A copy of Never Unarmed

All entrants must be over 18 years old.
Cold Steel is NOT responsible for any items seized by customs and will not knowingly make shipments to countries where said items are illegal.
We have suspended all shipments to Australia & Denmark, due to multiple seizures of our products by your country's Customs Department.
We suggest you contact your Customs Department for further information. Cold Steel is not aware of, or responsible for, the laws and customs regulations of countries outside the United States.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Teludyne Rifle Diary #2

Here are the latest photos of Lynn's rifle from Teludyne.
As you can see, it's looking awesome!

Lynn said "I'm really looking forward to testing this new rifle. It looks great and I hope it will accompany me on many adventures in the future".

Here are close-ups of the removable recoil brake and the hunter crowning devise (that are easily changed on a moments notice)

The front site...

The removable rear sight (done by taking out one screw)

And finally, Lynn's complete rifle (shown with the removable recoil brake installed)

We're really looking forward to taking this new rifle to the range and testing it out.
More soon

Monday, November 7, 2011

Winter Parking Lot Sale

If you've never been to one of our Parking Lot Sales before, make absolutely sure you're at this one!
Our Winter Parking Lot Sale will be held on Saturday, November 26, 2011 (8:00 AM Till 5:00 PM) at our new HQ.

6060 Nicolle Street
Ventura, CA 93003

Be prepared to find fantastic prices on all of the Cold Steel items we have in stock. Plus, there will be significant savings on close-outs, seconds, and shop-worn products and returned or repaired items.
You'll also find an enormous selection of sword 2nds (swords that have minor cosmetic flaws making them ineligible to be sold as firsts).

Meet Lynn and members of the PROOF team, see live demonstrations and get some great bargains!

Not to be missed!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Teludyne Rifle Diary

Our friends at Teludyne have caused quite a stir in the firearms community with their "Straightjacket" gun barrel technology.

We're going to be following the progress of one of Lynn's rifles as it undergoes an exciting "Straightjacket" transformation.

Here, Lynn's Mod 70 L.A. is re-barreled to .308 with a light profile and the
StraightJacket barrel system.
Next Teludyne will mount a one piece scope rail and iron sights (the rear sight will be removable for installation of the scope).
This rifle is also suppressor ready.

We're excited to see how this rifle develops (and performs) in the near future

For more information about Teludyne, visit their website here

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Jack Dagger

Our good friend Jack Dagger had a very lucky escape. He crashed his truck (thanks to treacherous and icy roads on I-70, just east of the Eisenhower Tunnel).

He wrote to us to say "I crawled away just fine, but my poor truck! I cut myself free from the seat belt. Thanks to Lynn Thompson from Cold Steel I was free in no time. Thanks for the new knife Lynn!"

We're glad Jack is OK and we're very proud that our Hold Out was by his side when needed.
Jack is a good friend of ours and a very talented knife thrower. Check out his website here.
Also, here's Jack's awesome TV spot on Conan.

We're glad you are safe and well Jack!